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Letter: In whose best interest is it that Walmart be allowed to move?


In whose best interest is it, that Walmart be allowed to move from their present location to Plumtree Road? What are the elected officials looking at? Are they looking to fill their coffers or to cause more congestion on an already busy street? Will the monies that might be generated from Walmart be worth all that? Have our elected officials looked into how much harm Walmart may cause our community by expanding to Plumtree Road? Whatever the answers, I am sure that Walmart does not care.

Walmart only wants to move from their present location so that they could have a full grocery department. They could have that in their existing store if they would just re-position some departments. They already have full grocery departments on Route 40 and Fallston, not that far from Plumtree Road.

Let's look at what might happen to the economy in our Bel Air community. First of all, the businesses on Plumtree Road may decide to move elsewhere rather than put up with the traffic congestion. Lost jobs and lost revenue? Second, Wegmans moved in last year taking business away from smaller grocery chains such as ShopRite and Giant. Will the bigger Walmart further erode business from these stores causing them to close? Lost jobs and lost revenue? Even if Walmart hired some of those workers, the pay and benefits from Walmart would not be enough for those people to make ends meet. Lost jobs and lost revenue?

Is it in Bel Air's best interest to let Walmart move?

John F. Doster Jr.


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