Letter: Thanks for supporting Humane Society


I want to congratulate the Harford County Public Library employees for their impressive fundraising effort for the Humane Society of Harford County. Their contribution to this worthy organization shows the importance of giving local when it comes to caring for our nation's homeless dogs and cats. ["Library Employees Donate to the Humane Society," August 22, 2012]

 As the former director of education for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and with 20+ years in the sheltering community, I know a common misconception is that national animal groups are umbrella groups for pet shelters and spend most of their resources on helping care for these animals. After all, that's what the commercials full of needy dogs and cats imply. However, HSUS isn't affiliated with pet shelters and sends just 1 percent of the money is raises to pet shelters, according to its tax return.

 Local shelters don't just need money—they could also use supplies like dog or cat food and towels. Whatever animal lovers can give, they should make sure their donations are staying local if they want to help care for pets.

Diana Culp

Director, Humane Society for Shelter Pets

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