Letter: More than just 'lukewarm'


Thank you for covering the Friends of Harford annual meeting on April 15. However, the headline on the article was both provocative and wrong. Friends of Harford fully supports PlanMaryland.

Our active members read PlanMaryland and participated in both the public comment session at Harford Community College and in the on-line commenting opportunities, as well as a training session at Essex Community College. The final plan, though weakened from the original version, provides a strong vision and framework for the future on which the counties can accomplish real land use planning.

Most of the comments during the presentation were positive toward the plan or distrustful of the county government's past execution of land use planning, but not distrustful of PlanMaryland. While we welcome the public to attend and participate in our meetings, their opinions do not always reflect those of Friends of Harford.

The story covering our annual meeting states in several places that Friends of Harford was "lukewarm" to PlanMaryland and can lead your readers to believe that Friends of Harford does not support the Plan. That is incorrect, which we ask that you correct. Thank you.

Morita Bruce

President, Friends of Harford

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