Edgewood has to do its part to improve its situation [letter to the editor]


It was good to see the sheriff an other important high ranking Harford County officials recently tour the Edgewood area.

This a huge step forward to helping solve the problems that constantly plague the Edgewood Community. Now I hope the residents of Edgewood will step up and do the right thing to help police drive crime out of Edgewood to save their community as well learn how to preserve Edgewood for future generations, so the community will feel safer for all.

Hopefully the residents will embrace the fact that both the police an the Harford County Council do care about what happens in Edgewood, but nothing can be done till the community steps up to make it happen.

I hope this will be the beginning of a better, and more safe Edgewood, but this will only come about if we give it a chance an assist those who can tackle the issues to make it happen.

We must work together to solve the problems an once again make Edgewood a viable living Community for all!

Ken J. Bower


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