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Letter: No more trash in Joppa


As to Harford County's purchase of the Plecker property, we would welcome County Executive Craig and all Council Members to visit our home located directly across the street from this proposed site to see why this is NOT the location for another transport station.

At the Joppa/Joppatowne Community Council meeting on March 5th, area residents were given an opportunity to ask questions of MES and the County.  The answers, for which we had been searching since the July 2011 purchase of this property, were an insult to our intelligence.

As a traffic study has yet to be conducted in this area, the county is obviously unaware of the problems that ANY additional truck traffic would present to the congested two-laned Route 7.  Within the 600-800 block of Route 7 we are inundated with a trucking depot, another transport station, trucks avoiding Route 40 and I-95, school buses, plus normal everyday heavy traffic.

The presentation conducted by MES shows a Howard County transfer station similar to what we could expect on the Joppa site.  However, no mention was made that this facility is on a 590-acre property in a very remote area....not in the middle of a residential area on a two-laned road.  Hardly a comparison of like properties.

Slides of the present Joppa area showed no homes while, in fact, it is surrounded by many homes.....many of which have private wells that would be exposed to contaminated toxic run-off.

This purchase was made deceptively and without any public hearing.  Owners of impacted properties were first made aware of the purchase in The Aegis Land Transfer Section.  Of course, we know the reason for this being so hush-hush, but that does not make it justifiable.

Joppa already has a troubled landfill, a transport station, a rubble fill, salvage yard, and a junk yard.  WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED ANY MORE TRASH!

Not only did the County purchase property containing many acres of wetlands but paid more than double the assessed value.  What was the County thinking? Surely, there must be an unseen reason for such a poor choice for a transport station.  We suggest the County "go back to the drawing board" and find a better solution.

Stephen and Joyce Bechtold


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