Letter: Against the transfer station


Please consider printing my letter to the editor.

Although I am a resident of Jarrettsville, I have been following with great interest the coverage of the proposed transport station for Route 7 in Joppa.

I travel daily on this road and heartily agree with the residents who say that this road cannot handle any more traffic. Traveling Route 7 has always been a much more pleasurable drive than taking I-95. Why can't it remain a scenic alternative to the busier highways of Route 40 and I-95?

The Route 7/Route l52 intersection is extremely congested. I have seen accidents there and personally narrowly missed being involved in one myself when a tractor trailer was attempting to make a turn from Route 152 onto Route 7. I also have witnessed emergency vehicles attempting to pass through this intersection while hampered by vehicles with no place to go to get out of their way because of blockages.

If you travel Route 7 when I-95 experiences a closure due to an accident, Route 7 is totally blocked. This congestion also occurs with normal traffic, let alone adding any additional vehicles.

There are also many homes in the area which means that school buses must also have frequent stops. I cannot imagine how this location for a transfer station would impact the lives of these people.

One resident's letter mentioned that a traffic study has yet to be done in this area. How could the County even consider adding any additional traffic to this road without first doing such a study?

If this site is used for its intended purpose, then apparently the safety of those who live in the area and those who travel this road daily is of little concern for our citizen's welfare. It is inconceivable that a road that is barely capable of handling what it must now support would be inundated with more truck traffic.

I agree with that gentleman who said that "there must be a better solution."

Linda Bahur


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