Time to make sure pets are spayed or neutered [Letter]

Well it's that time of year again when we really need to make sure our pets are spayed/neutered. I volunteer at the Humane Society and foster homeless, abandoned kittens or pregnant mammas.

It is so very important, buy doing this you are saving lives -- lives that for the most part were never wanted in the first place; that's why the shelter ended up with them.

I am basically speaking of cats since that is what I work with. If you only knew how many displaced animals there are, be they from a cat that got pregnant and you don't want kittens, or someone finds kittens and brings them to the shelter. Someone finds kittens and the mamma is not around (she's probably out looking to eat), and takes them home to try and save them and finds out it's not quite that easy.

Abandoned kittens must be fed every 2-3 hours around the clock, must be stimulated to go to the bathroom so they don't bind up and get sick or worse. They must constantly be cleaned up so they don't stink or get sick from being wet or having poo on them. You will need to change their bedding each time you feed them and don't forget the heating pad kept on low for a steady ambient temperature.

The shelter does no have the staff, funding or volunteers in the amount they truly need to take care of these babies round the clock -- and I can tell you firsthand is a lot of work and I'm grateful I am able to do this.

If only folks understood the massive numbers of animals they could save buy just spaying and neutering.

There are many local vets that will work with you if it's a local stray or Trap, Neuter and Release (TnR) programs that will help to trap, have fixed and return to where they lived and no longer being able to reproduce, just helped fix a big part of that problem.

I have been working with animals my whole life, and they deserve a quality life; living on the streets scrounging for food, getting sick, becoming prey or being hit by a vehicle is no way for anything to live. There are many vets that if you really can't afford it and you talk to them they will work with you just to keep from perpetuating the problem.

It is more widespread then you truly know. You can contact the Humane Society and they can give you name and numbers of places that provide low cost spay and neuter. You can Google it for your area and get a list. Please stop and think before letting your un-fixed cat out for the night. Be a responsible pet owner.

Teresa Bagley

Bel Air

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