HCC's violence policy 'is exactly what we need'

Harford Community College had more money raised by its foundation than ever, received an excellence award for the design of one of its new buildings, had a terrific report on its annual audit and has a weapons policy the school's leadership concurs is appropriate.

That was the upshot of the various presentations and reports at Tuesday evening's Board of Trustees meeting.

"This, especially in this day and age," HCC President Dennis Golladay, who referenced violence in other states, told the trustees that the HCC weapons and violence policy "is exactly what we need."

The "board review" of the policy closed the approximately 75-minute meeting.

Golladay told the trustees that only three HCC employees, and not contracted security personnel, are authorized to carry weapons on campus.

HCC's weapons/violence policy states: "All persons are prohibited from carrying a handgun, firearm or weapon of any kind onto College Property. Only persons affiliated with a law enforcement agency who are authorized to carry a weapon and possess government credentials are exempt from this prohibition.

"Any and all forms of violence, threatening behavior, and/or verbal/non-verbal harassment that involve or affect Harford Community College or which occur on the College campus (or its satellites, off-site facilities or in any off-campus College event or location that could be considered an extension of the workplace, i.e: official travel) are prohibited. This includes threatening behavior, violent actions and harassment by/against or between/among students, employees, supervisors and visitors."

In other business at Tuesday's meeting:

The college's audit received the highest marks, according to Steve Rose, CPA.

"It's clean," Rose said. "It's the one you want."

The financial statement audit opinion is unqualified, Rose said, adding that the federal audit is also unqualified, meaning there aren't any questions or issues. And the federal one is "even harder to get," Rose said.

In the president's report, HCC President Golladay noted that a recently-completed roundabout on Thomas Run Road was a positive addition to the college.

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