Possible cougar tracks spotted in Dublin

A man spotted possible cougar tracks around Macton Road in Dublin.

Richard Evans said he was on Macton Road in Dublin when he saw veterinarians working on farm cattle, which appeared to have been attacked.

Around the area where the cattle were attacked, Evans told The Aegis he noticed tracks that matched those of a large cat.

This is not the first time a possible cougar has been linked to the area and in January 2010, Sam Eichelberger reported that she had sighted a cougar on Norrisville Road by Jarrettsville Elementary School.

Eichelberger had been driving to her home north of Bel Air when, according to a previous Aegis article, a large animal with a "tan coat" and "gently curving tail" crossed her path.

Ken D'Loughy, who was Central Region manager for the Wildlife and Heritage Service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources at the time, said in the Aegis article that although they occasionally get calls about cougar sightings in the region, in his 35 years, "none of them has ever panned out."

A message left for the Bel Air DNR office was not returned Wednesday afternoon.

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