Resolutions for the summer

I don't do New Year's resolutions. I don't do summer vacations. What I do, however, is make summer resolutions.

Do I follow through with them? Not typically, but this year I'm determined!

When it starts getting into the 80s or 90s during spring, I start thinking of all the amazing, cool and new things I'll do in the coming months.

"Man, I'm going to paint all the rooms in my house!" was one absurd thought last year. "That's it, we're definitely going to Six Flags this year," is another I've told my husband for the past three years.

It's like I get in the mindset that I'm still a student and get the summers off or have an exorbitant amount of money that I can put toward fun in the sun and not buying new gutters (thank you, tax refund!).

So this is the plan: I'm choosing five things to do between Memorial Day and Labor Day that don't require taking a week off work or spending next month's paycheck in advance.

Go to an O's game.

I don't like baseball — playing, watching or talking about. What I do like: eating and yelling at people for doing a mediocre job at something I could never do in a million years.

My husband, on the other hand, willingly watches Orioles games on TV and (gasp!) pays attention.

Therefore, we've decided that we MUST go see the Orioles play this summer and be proper Baltimoreans. It'll be fun, right?


What's up, Hollywood Casino in Perryville? Ready to take my hard-earned money?

I'm 27 and have never been gambling. The one and only time I have been in a casino was with friends during freshman year in college and we were all too young to gamble or drink.

There's a casino basically in my backyard and I feel it's time I take advantage of its allure and spend a few bucks on the slots.

Chocolate and roller coasters at Hershey Park.

I blame fellow reporter Kayla Bawroski for this one.

After several conversations with her about how we should all do something fun this summer, I'm convinced I have to go to the land of chocolate and ride a few roller coasters.

I have nothing but fond memories of going to Hershey Park as a kid and, really, how genius is the combination of candy and thrill rides? Can't wait.

Grill every weekend.

OK, so this one really falls on Mr. Gallo since after catching some chicken on fire last summer I won't go near the grill.

The results, however, are fantastic, and we have a system.

I marinade the meat, skewer the vegetables, prepare the potatoes and bring it out to the husband so he can flex his masculine instincts and char some animal flesh.

He gets to stand outside with the dog watching the grill, and I get to stay inside with the air conditioning and wait for him to bring back the food.

Go to a beach. Any beach.

This will be the hardest one of them all.

Even though I have a fantastic time at Ocean City, the drive down is exhausting. What's worse is that I'll have to convince my better half that the beach is actually fun. I swear!

I've been dying to take a trip back downee ocean for years.

I miss the outlet malls, Candy Kitchen, strolling down the boardwalk and smelling the ocean air.

If any of you, dear readers, have suggestions on fantastic things to do this summer or wish to share your summer resolutions, I'd love to hear them.

Maybe we can rally together and encourage one another not to break them yet again.

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