I'll take the outdoors over being inside any day [Commentary]

I would much rather be outside than inside. Everything just seems better out in nature.

Take running, which I do a lot of. I find very little use for a treadmill; it has few redeeming qualities. Why would anyone choose to run on a boring machine when they can head outside and pound the pavement or the trail?

There is so much to see outside. I was running with my brother over the weekend at the beach in Delaware, and we came around a curve in the road and just off the shoulder was a baby deer. It couldn't have been more than a day or two old and looked like it had just gotten to its feet for the first time. It's mother was nowhere to be seen, but I'm certain she was nearby. The baby didn't move as we continued past.

How are you going to see that on a treadmill? The best I can do is catch re-runs of some television shows, and not even ones I like. You can always take a new route to see new things when you're outside – on the treadmill you see the same thing over and over. I need more visual stimulation.

In defense of a treadmill, it is nice to use one for certain types of training because you can set it if you need to be doing a certain speed. And you can use it when the weather outside is frightful, whether it be cold and snowy or hot and humid, though even in heat and humidity I still head outdoors. I don't mind the heat, but I did get soft over the winter and used the treadmill at the gym when it was cold outside.

Take your responsibilities as a homeowner who likes to keep up their house. I would rather cut the grass any day (and twice on Sunday, as the saying goes) than dust and vacuum and mop the floor (I don't mind vacuuming, though). Let me put on my iPod, gas up the mower and walk the yard instead of picking up a dust rag to polish the furniture. I'll take a rake to pick up the weeds over a mop to the floor and my hands to pull weeds instead of a rag to clean the sinks.

Give me a good book and my hammock over the television and the couch. Heck, I don't even need a book, I'll just take the hammock on a breezy, sunny afternoon. I could lay out there for hours soaking up the sun's rays (not if the kids are around, of course, I don't get to relax when they're around, but that's OK).

Then there's the concept of outdoor sports being played inside. Baseball and football aren't meant to be played under domes – they're outside games that are subject to the elements of Mother Nature. Soccer is a completely different game when you take it from a field outside to an indoor arena.

But as much as I like the outdoors, I don't consider myself an outdoorsy person. I still enjoy the amenities of the indoors. I wouldn't mind camping, sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag or tent, but I really don't want to "rough it." I'd like a shower and flushable toilet nearby – a place where I can wash my hair and get clean that's not in a lake somewhere. Do you really get clean when you bathe in a lake? It doesn't seem like you would, and I get to a certain point where I just don't feel comfortable if I haven't showered and washed my hair.

I guess I just like being close to Mother Nature, to see the best of what she has to offer. Whether that be a brand new baby deer or fantastic lightning during a thunderstorm, there's so much more to get from being outside where so much is going on. It's better then the boob tube. Heck, I'd even do my job outside if I could (and sometimes I can and do).

For me, everything is better outside.

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