Wheel Road to see more Verizon facility relocations

Another portion of Wheel Road near Bel Air will soon be affected by the relocation of Verizon facilities.

At their meeting July 12, members of the Harford County Board of Estimates approved a contract of $186,726 with Verizon to relocate poles and wires in advance of the county road improvement project, which will also require BGE to relocate some of its facilities before Verizon begins work.

Glen Hebel, civil engineer with the department of public works division of highways, explained to the board the project will take place on a .7-mile segment of Wheel Road between Cedar Lane and Glenangus Drive.

BGE will probably start work in August, he continued, with Verizon to follow sometime in the fall.

County Councilman Jim McMahan, whose district falls within the project area, was concerned with how more utility relocations would affect traffic.

"I'm sure you can understand the hassle I'll get from my constituents down there," he said.

Hebel said that while the road won't be closed completely, there will be some single land closures that could potentially affect the flow of traffic.

Harford Waste Disposal Center engineering services

The board approved a contract for engineering services during the design and construction phase of a project to cap existing cells and construct a new cell at the Harford Waste Disposal Center.

The contract was awarded to EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc., of Sparks, for $1,337,991.56.

"The work includes a comprehensive evaluation and design of improvements to the stormwater management system and erosion and sediment control system for the entire site," noted a memo from Daniel Pazdersky, department of public works chief engineer for the division of environmental services, to Debbie Henderson, director of procurement.

Pazdersky said seven firms responded to the contract request and three were rated as most qualified before an evaluation committee eventually chose EA.

Each firm, EA, Geosyntec Consultant and SCS Engineers, was evaluated on certain criteria such as cost, approach to project tasks and the project team.

Board of Estimates member Jay Van Deusen asked Pazdersky why more weight was put on experience and approach to project tasks rather than on cost.

"Qualifications are the most important thing," Pazdersky said. "Cost isn't a major factor for us."

He added, however, that cost does make "a big difference" when evaluating because in this case because three "very well qualified firms" were interviewed for the job.

Purchase of Gradall excavator

A Gradall excavator model XL4100S4 will be purchased from Elliott & Frantz, of King of Prussia, Pa., for $297,355.

The equipment will replace an existing unit that is a 1998 model and needs $35,000 in repairs, fleet manager Warren Patrick said.

The unit, Patrick said, is "extremely important for repairing roads."

Patrick said excavators were essential after the tornado that hit Fallston last month.

Van Deusen questioned the decision of buying new equipment rather than refurbishing what the county has.

The department tries to refurbish equipment as much as possible, Patrick said, but "you have to really be careful getting into the [refurbish] part" because there's also a risk that the unit may not perform as well.

Henderson added the county does look at refurbishing equipment before making a decision to purchase anything new.

Other business during the July 12 board of estimates meeting:

As part of the refresh program, 300 HP Compaq computers will be purchased for $247,650 from Hartford Computer Group, of Columbia.

For the new computers, 300 licenses for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 will also be purchased for $95,103 from Software House International Inc., of Somerset, N.J.

Isobunkers, of Aston, Pa., was awarded a contract not to exceed $1,908,000 to provide the county fuel through Dec. 31— 400,000 gallons of unleaded fuel at $3.02 per gallon and 200,000 gallons of diesel at $3.50 per gallon.

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