Board of Estimates approves first round of computer for county refresh program

Harford County will purchase 213 new computers for its tech refresh program.

The county Board of Estimates voted unanimously Thursday to award a $254,463.65 contract to PC Mall Gov, Inc., of Manassas, Va., which was the lowest of seven bidders.

The refresh program will update and replace the oldest computers used by county employees.

This will be the "first full round" of computers the county will receive to replace computers that are five years old or older, Ted Pibil, a business architect with the Division of Information and Communication Technology, said.

Board of Estimates member Warren Hamilton asked Pibil what would be done with the outdated technology. Pibil explained that the county will either throw away the computers, scrap them for parts or donate them to various non-profit organizations.

He added that the county hopes to get back on a three-year cycle of replacing technology to keep up to date.

The board also renewed the lease for 88 State Circle in Annapolis for $4,634.06.

Erin Schafer, a procurement agent for the office of procurement's property management division, told the board that this is a one-year lease agreement, with a one-year renewal option.

The space is used while the Maryland General Assembly is in session, and is equally shared and paid for by Howard and Harford counties, Schafer said.

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