The UCBAC sanctions letter


TO:Mr. Charles Hagan, Principal, Harford Technical High School

Ms. Emma Little, Varsity Girl's Lacrosse Coach, Harford Technical High School

Mr. David Deutsch, Athletic Director, Harford technical High School

FROM:Mr. Ken Zorbach, Supervisor of Athletics, Harford County Public Schools

DATE:May 7, 2013

RE:UCBAC Girl's Lacrosse Championship

This letter is written in reference to the Harford Technical High School girl's lacrosse team's decision to not participate in the UCBAC Conference championship game of May 6, 2013. I received a letter from David Deutsch, Athletic Director at Harford Technical High School on May 3, 2013, officially ceding the UCBAC Championship to C. Milton Wright High School and electing not to participate in the contest.

The Harford Technical HS letter of appeal was sent to members of the UCBAC Board of Control for a decision. Members of the committee acted on this request with a vote of 7-0 to deny said appeal. On Saturday, May 4, 2013, I informed Harford Technical that their appeal was denied and they would be expected to participate in the championship game.

On Monday, May 6, 2013, Chas Hagan, Harford Technical HS Principal, called to inform me that they would not be participating in the championship game. I informed Mr. Hagan that the UCBAC Board of Control would need to meet to determine if any penalties would be imposed. At 3:23 PM, Mr. Deutsch sent an email officially withdrawing from the championship game. At 3:57 PM, Emma Little, Girl's Lacrosse coach at HTHS, sent an email officially withdrawing from the championship game.

By refusing to participate in the UCBAC championship game, Harford Technical High School violated Article IX, section A, of the UCBAC constitution and by-laws. As a result of this violation the following sanctions shall be imposed:

Against the Coach

1.Censure: Ms. Little needs to understand that she cannot alter the official schedule and is responsible for upholding the rules of the conference.

2.Suspension: Ms. Little will be suspended from all coaching duties and activities for the remainder of the spring 2013 season. Ms. Little will not be permitted to attend any practice or game played by Harford Technical girl's lacrosse team during the term of this suspension.

3.Ineligible: Ms. Little will be ineligible to coach or be involved in any activities involving the Harford Technical girl's lacrosse team for a period of eight (8) months. Ms. Little's period of ineligibility will end on January 7, 2014.

4.Any violation of the above sanctions will result in further disciplinary action.


Ms. Little would be permitted to attend any post season activity involving awards.

Against the Harford Technical Girl's Lacrosse Team 2013

1.The Harford Technical High School girl's lacrosse team will forfeit the Susquehanna Division title for 2013.

ec:Mr. Joseph Schmitz, Executive Director of High School Performance

Mr. William Lawrence, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction

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