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Editorial: Too convenient?

It's a sure sign of something, though it's not immediately clear of what, that two more convenience stores are on the way.

Granted, Harford County is more populous than ever and, most likely, will continue to grow. But is there really a need, or rather a demand, for a convenience store, or two, at every corner?

Apparently so, otherwise they wouldn't be built. Harford County has a seeming plethora of banks, convenience stores and drug stores. And yet, they seem to keep coming. Part of it, obviously, is convenience stores are rarely just convenience stores. Any built in recent memory are just as much gas station mega-plexes as they are stores selling goods at higher prices in exchange for the "convenience" of avoiding a more time-consuming trip to a larger store.

Aberdeen and Forest Hill are the two communities that are the lucky recipients of the newest Royal Farms stores. Aberdeen's is tentatively going on Route 40. Forest Hill's is going to the intersection of Rock Spring Road and Forest Valley Drive.

Undoubtedly, when they are built and open, both will have a seemingly endless supply of customers. Where are those customers now and how have they survived without these two additional convenience stores? Who knows? Somehow, they have managed.

As sure as we're sitting here pondering the need for these two, others ARE in the pipeline. They might not have made it out of some corporation's planning department just yet, but they will. There's no question they are coming and they will come.

The only unanswered question, albeit a facetious one, is how did we ever survive without the stores yet built?

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