Edgewood Community Council reviews concerns tracking form, comments on lack of elected officials present

Many of the matters the Edgewood Community Council has identified as needing attention still need to be resolved, members said at their regular monthly meeting last Wednesday.

Community council members reviewed and updated their new community concerns tracking form during Wednesday's meeting. The list was sent to local elected officials last month, giving them an opportunity to be better informed of the community's important issues, which include rewriting homeowners association and community by-laws, the need for a bus shelter and trash can at a bus stop on Route 40 at Treetop Road and the lack of involvement from officials representing Edgewood.

Sunrise East parking problem

J.R. Schroll, representing the Sunrise East Condo homeowners association, told the council there had been a conflict between a homeowner and a tenant over the owner's parking space.

"It almost became a riot there," he said, then asking for the council's help with the situation.

Junction box maintenance

New council member Stephen Puopolo said he was trying to get someone from Comcast or Verizon out to replace and/or repair various junction box covers that posed a safety hazard to kids who play near them.

Trash along Route 40 bus stop

Linda Coleman, who lives on the 1700 block of Judy Way, expressed her concerns with the bus stop on Route 40.

Coleman explained she is legally blind in her right eye and has trouble seeing traffic when crossing the street to go to the bus stop. She suggested the bus stop should be put on the other side of Route 40, especially since there is no shelter at the stop and putting one there would be difficult since there is limited space. Coleman also commented on the amount of trash near the bus stop.

Sheree White, who lives on Wingleaf Court and attends New Destiny Evangelistic church in Edgewood, also commented on the trash.

"I was so disturbed," White said about the amount of garbage she saw near the bus stop. She added that upon seeing the trash, she went home to get a garbage bag and cleaned up what she saw.

White also told her church about the problem and suggested getting the community together, including the youth group, to help solve the situation.

Elected officials

Commenting on the lack of elected officials at the meeting, council chairman Jansen Robinson said, "We can't blame the elected officials for not coming. We have to blame ourselves" for voting them into office.

Puopolo shared Robinson's sentiment, adding that County Councilman Dion Guthrie and representatives from the sheriff's office are the only consistent government officials who show up to the meetings.

In other business from last Wednesday's community council meeting:

Council member Angela Lewis informed the council and public of the programs and opportunities available at the community center in the Village of Lakeview apartment complex, which offers low-income housing.

Available are after-school programs with tutoring, financial literacy courses, fitness classes and computer classes, Lewis said. The center also collects clothes for people to wear during job interviews and hosts "a family-style meal" Monday through Thursday.

Robinson asked what sort of obstacles she's come across so far with offering these resources at the community center, to which she replied, "Lack of participation." Lewis explained that she has so many people coming to her with various needs that she isn't able to help them all and needs more volunteers.

Guthrie gave updates on the future MARC train station in Edgewood and the opening of an IHOP restaurant, saying the station is under way, as is IHOP, which will cost $170,000 to "rehab it" and get a possible addition to the restaurant.

"Kohl's is moving right along," he continued. Guthrie said the distribution center on Trimble Road, which will be adding 550 new full-time jobs and 605 part-time jobs to the economy; the average starting rate will be $13.06 an hour.

The council also voted to create a committee to look into the pros and cons of Edgewood becoming a municipality. Guthrie volunteered to be a legislative liaison for the committee.

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