Edgewood man charged with domestic violence against fiance and her sister

An Edgewood man is being held without bail Wednesday afternoon on charges of assaulting his pregnant fiancé and her sister.

According to court records, Lionel Torrence, 25, is charged in one case with second-degree assault and in a second with first-degree assault.

During a bail hearing, Harford County Assistant State's Attorney R. Cameron Legg asked Judge Victor K. Butanis to hold Torrence without bail based on two other cases of domestic violence against women.

"We're asking that he not be released to go back into that house," Legg told the judge. Torrence lives with his fiancé, 22, and their child in the 3100 block of Ebbtide Drive in Edgewood.

Tatiana David, a public defender representing Torrence, said her client was welcome to live with his mother.

Butanis pointed out that according to court records, Torrence was also charged with assaulting his mother in 2012 and ordered Torrence to be held without bail pending his pre-trial court date.

"I think it would be a dereliction of my duty if I did otherwise," Butanis said during the bail hearing.

According to court documents, the sister of Torrence's fiancé, 24, was visiting the couple for dinner on Sept. 29.

The sister said she went upstairs to check on her younger sister, who was four months pregnant at the time, to find Torrence on top of her choking her on the bed.

"I attempt to grab Lionel to get him off of her and [repeatedly] telling him to stop," the sister wrote in court records. "Then he turns around and pins me up against the wall choking me."

According to court documents, Torrence was not arrested immediately following the incident.

The sister of Torrence's fiancé said she ran downstairs and called police.

"[The police] soon arrive but didn't take Lionel into custody," she wrote.

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