Exciting scores, patterns and connections in local athletics

When you write as many recaps as I do, you start to really hope for exciting scores to come through, like those from 1-0 games where the only goal was scored in the final minute of regulation time. It's also nice when you start to see patterns forming in the game results, because you can then take those patterns, twist them around and write an entertaining column about them. Lucky for this writer, there have been plenty of interesting scores coming down the pike lately, and there have been a few patterns I'd like to point out as well. Here are a few things I've noticed:

Harford Christian field hockey is having one of the strangest and most exciting seasons I've ever witnessed, and it has only played five games. At the top of this strange and exciting run is Harford Christian's Lily Loomis, who has an awesome name, and who has scored the only goal in each of her team's last four games. Would you like to know how those games turned out? On Sept. 9 the Eagles beat Sparrows Point, 1-0, in overtime. On Sept. 13, the Eagles beat Bo Manor, 1-0, in overtime. On Monday, the Eagles beat Havre de Grace, 1-0, in double overtime, and on Tuesday, the Eagles defeated Oldfields School, 1-0, but, sadly enough, it wasn't an overtime victory. Four straight wins, three of them in overtime, and in all of them the same player scores the winning goal. That is just amazing. If you add in Harford Christian's first game, a 1-1 tie with Tome School that went through two overtime periods (Julia Smith had the Eagles' only goal in that one), you have a combined score of 5-1. That sounds like the score of a normal, Monday afternoon UCBAC game, not the season stats from a team that is 4-0-1. Well done, Eagles, especially Ms. Loomis. I hope you keep living dangerously, and winning 1-0.

Here's one quick personal interlude before I move on. During my high school athletic career I played in roughly 50 varsity soccer games, and I scored a grand total of two game-winning goals over that stretch, only one of which came in overtime. Those were both terribly exciting for me, so I can't imagine what it's like to do that four times in a span of eight days.

This next point isn't so much a pattern as it is a connection, but if you look at the list of teams that Harford Christian defeated over the last few weeks, one of them is Havre de Grace. For those who don't follow Harford County field hockey, the Havre de Grace Warriors have not won a game in a long, long time. I'm not sure how far the losing streak stretches back, but I know they haven't put a check in the W column since I started covering field hockey, back in the fall of 2007. I don't bring this up to further embarrass the Warriors, because I, in my own somewhat dispassionate sportswriter fashion, root for Havre de Grace to end the losing streak. I've covered entire seasons where Havre de Grace didn't score a goal, much less come close to a victory, so when I see the Warriors going to double overtime with a team that hasn't lost a game this season (Harford Christian), or when they score a pair of goals on a quality team (Harford Tech, which beat Havre de Grace 7-2 on Wednesday), I start to think that this might be the year they do it. And even if they don't, and the streak continues on into the 2014 season, I'm happy there are teams like the Warriors out there, because they remind us that it's not all championship runs and on-field celebrations. Like a lot of the people in this world, the Warriors suit up every day and go out hoping for a victory, even though they can't remember the last time they had one. Good luck, Warriors. I think you might see a win this year.

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