Another Royal Farms proposed

A commercial site, which would include a Royal Farms and retail building, has been proposed for a 4.5-acre property in Rock Spring.

The plan came before the county's Development Advisory Committee Wednesday; and there was very little public feedback.

The site, which would be at 1526 and 1528 Rock Spring Road, would have a one-story, 5,121 square-foot Royal Farms convenience store, gas station, car wash and a 17,350 square-foot retail building.

It was not said who would move into the retail space.

Mitch Ensor, with Bay State Land Services, told the committee that there would be 28 employees during the busiest shift between the two stores.

"[Residents] can appreciate that investment in the county," he said.

Proposed access to the site is on Route 24 and a future access drive coming from Forest Valley Drive. An ingress/egress easement would have to be granted for the access.

Joseph Snee, legal counsel for the developer, told the committee discussions are ongoing for the easement, but "it is imminent."

Shane Grimm, with planning and zoning, said a more specific lighting plan, including proposed wattage, would need to be submitted.

David Baur, who lives in the 1400 block of Persimmon Place in Forest Hill, asked if the access from Forest Valley Drive would be built during construction of the Royal Farms or afterward.

Baur questioned that if the access was to come after construction how customers would be able to make a left onto Route 24 going north since it isn't possible with the proposed entrance.

The Forest Valley Drive connection, Ensor said, is "an integral part of the Royal Farms looking at this site and [its] intentions to go to this site."

Ensor said he expects the construction for the connection and store to be done all at the same time.

"I would think it would be absolutely necessary," Baur commented.

Ensor added that the State Highway Administration determined a left turn onto Route 24 from the commercial site wouldn't be feasible.

Grimm pointed out that the proposed pylon sign at the end of Forest Valley Drive might not be allowed.

"I do have some concern over that," he said, adding that he would need to look into regulations for pylon signs off of residential subdivisions.

Sentinel Self Storage

Mini warehousing is being proposed on 18.5 acres on the east side of Route 22 north of Aldino Road in Churchville.

The single-story storage units would cover 34,450 square feet and the site would include an office.

Bob Capalongo, with CNA Engineers, explained that the plan had been previously approved, but expired and needs to be renewed.

Bynum Run business center

Existing lots will be subdivided to create four in total to make way for a business center on the north side of Robin Circle, north of Granary Road in Forest Hill.

The center on more than 8 acres would include two retail stores — one 18,800 square feet and the other 12,000 square feet — 34,334-square feet of flex space and a 6,190-square foot pad site that could potentially be a bank.

"The user is really undetermined," clarified Lou Schaffer, with Frederick Ward Associates.

One lot being subdivided is zoned for general industrial, which developers want to keep and the other is B3 business, which would be the retail space location.

Access to the business center would be on Robin Circle and Water Tower Way.

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