7-Eleven in Forest Hill making a move across Bynum Road

The 7-Eleven store in Forest Hill will be moving across the street with the construction of a new store and the closing the existing one. A storage warehouse is also being built at 2100 Emmorton Road in Bel Air.

During Wednesday's Harford County Development Advisory Committee, representatives from Harrison, French and Associates, as well as 7-Eleven's construction management firm, Lend Lease Inc., explained that the new 2,500-square-foot store at the intersection of Route 24 and Bynum Road will take over the lot where auto service center Taurus Complete Auto Care stands.

Don Hughes, the project engineer with Bowman Consulting Group, said the entrance on Route 24 will serve as only right in, right out and left in for traffic to avoid driver's cutting across the busy road. The entrance/exit on Bynum Road will be accessed in both directions.

Shane Grimm, with planning and zoning, asked if there are underground gas tanks on the proposed site.

Rob Blake, with Lend Lease, said he believes the two-bay service station has some tanks, but they would be removed because there wouldn't be any gas sales at the new location. The store is not affected by the gas station law, passed by the county in 2005, that forbids any new gas service stations in areas of Harford not serviced by public water and sewer.

Grimm believes the "constraints posed by the size and shape of the property would not allow for gas pumps in addition to the store," he wrote in an e-mail after the meeting.

David Baur, who lives behind the Rock Spring Shopping Center in the 1400 block of Persimmon Place in Forest Hill, was concerned about possible traffic issues. He said he consistently sees stopped traffic on Bynum Road because of delivery trucks going to the 7-Eleven.

Blake told Baur the store receives deliveries "typically during non-peak hours" once, sometimes twice as week, and would enter the property from Bynum Road to avoid traffic congestion.

Hughes added that the trucks would exit onto Route 24.

Baur also asked what would happen to the existing store and why it was moving across the street.

Blake said the existing store will be abandoned, but wasn't sure if it would be leased to another business or demolished.

The building has "seen better days," Blake said of why a new one is being built. The new 7-Eleven would have 17 parking space and 12 proposed employees.

The location on Bynum Road hasn't held a liquor license since 2005, according to Kathryn Thess, chief administrative officer with the Harford County Liquor Control Board.

The license was revoked after years of multiple violations, the final one a failed underage compliance test, Thess said.

Plans for a YourSpace climate-controlled storage warehouse at 2100 Emmorton Road in Bel Air were also brought before the committee during Wednesday's meeting.

The three-story building would have a two-story apartment and office building attached to it and would use the property's existing entrance on Route 924.

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