Harford executive picks new IT, public works directors

Harford County Executive David Craig announced Thursday he has selected Ted Pibil to become the county's the new information technology director and Tim Whittie to be the new public works director.

Craig introduced both appointees at a brief press conference in Bel Air Thursday afternoon.

Whittie comes from Cecil County, where he has led public works since 2006. Before that, he spent most of his 30 years of engineering experience at various private companies, including Frederick Ward Associates.

Whittie is taking over for Bob Cooper, who is retiring at the end of June. Cooper has led DPW since 2005.

Pibil has been acting head of the information technology department since Justus Eapen was let go by Craig late last year. Pibil has worked for the department since 2011 and previously did political campaign consulting, including for Craig most recently in 2010.

Craig said since the U.S. Constitution was being written, the country's founding fathers have understood the need for a strong cabinet.

"I understand that probably one of the two most important things I do... is to appoint a good group of people that actually do the work," Craig said during a Thursday afternoon press conference.

Craig, a Havre de Grace native, joked that Whittie is "close to being one of the Havre de Grace mafia."

"I didn't know that until we talked," he added.

"I get more of the credit but they do most of the hard work," Craig said about his cabinet.

He noted both the public works and information technology departments are ones most people like to ignore, but are actually very crucial.

Both appointments have to be confirmed by the Harford County Council.

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