Harford council plans to flatline its 2014 budget

The Harford County Council is proposing to flatline its budget for the 2014 fiscal year, after members held a work session held last week.

The council's proposed budget for next fiscal year will be $2,661,754. It is slightly less than the $2,763,743 approved for 2013, though only because the Cultural Arts Board will no longer be part of the council budget.

The council budget still includes the council's staff office, expenses of the council president and six council members, the new office of the county auditor, the board of appeals and rezoning office, the office of the council attorney and Harford Cable Network.

Because of some missed contractual funding from Harford Cable Network, however, the individual line items in the budget will be different from how they were presented during the work session held Feb. 28, staff members said.

Nothing was said about the council members' individual budgets during the work session, since they are being held flat. In addition to their salaries and expenses, each council member has an aide. The aides positions were created for the current budget, which included other staff reorganizations.

Harford Cable Network was alone in presenting its budget and getting questioned on it.

Council administrator Pam Meister said the line item numbers are still being worked on as of Monday, but Council President Billy Boniface said Monday the final number will be $2,661,754."

The council was planning to discuss its budget during its legislative session Tuesday night, Boniface said.

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