Costume parade continues despite cold weather

Flowers, robots, angels and even monopoly pieces braved the icy weather Saturday for the 23rd Annual Halloween Costume Parade and Contest.

Parents and children started lining up under the overhang outside Chuck E. Cheese in the Festival of Bel Air Shopping Center around 10:30 a.m. and patiently waited for the judging to begin.

Among them were Dave Levis and his son, Andrew, who was dressed up in a homemade FIFA World Cup.

"It's fun," Dave Levis said. "We like to put time into making costumes."

Andrew, 10, was sporting a soccer ball hat with a globe coming out of a FIFA trophy as the body. His favorite part is building the costume, and as a soccer goalie on a travel team, this year's outfit fit well.

He earned second place in the contest. The Hoover family sealed first place with their group of monopoly pieces.

From the Scotty dog token to a red hotel and the game board itself, the family had the classic Monopoly game covered in a group of adults and children. Bryan Soul, who was with the family, said they come every year.

"We love the Halloween Festival parade," he added.

The group owed their win to "Grandma Lynn," Tara Hoover said, who made the costumes.

Another family who made the final cut was the King family which, with its "Under the Sea" theme, took third place. Barry King came as a deep-sea diver, pulling along Matthew, 3, a shark in a decorated wagon.

"This is fun," Barry King said. "We love Halloween. I think it's our favorite holiday."

Leading the crew was Marie King with Gabrielle, 1, who was dressed up as Nemo from the Disney movie "Finding Nemo." Marie King's jellyfish costume, pink streamers and bubble wrap attached to a clear umbrella, ended up being perfect for the dreary weather.

The theme, however, came from Matthew, Marie King said, who "wanted to be a shark."

Derek and Jennifer Moses' sons, Colin, 7, and Jacen, 5, picked their family's theme for this year's parade as well. The family came as characters from Angry Birds.

"They're addicted to Angry Birds," Jennifer Moses said of the boys.

The family has come to the parade every year, she added, and enjoys it even when there is bad weather. This year, she, Colin and Jacen wore T-shirts depicting the red, black and blue birds, respectively, with Derek Moses as the green pig king.

As the exploding black bird, Colin was confident his was the most effective in the game.

"I'm the best bird," he said. "He's the second fastest."

Dressing up as Angry Birds was Colin's favorite part of Halloween, he said, but Jacen preferred getting all of the candy.

Anja Adorno-Diaz brought along her 13-month-old daughter, Payson, and 4-year-old nephew Tyson Garcia.

"We came last year," she said. "I don't take [Payson] trick-or-treating so I thought it'd be fun to get into the spirit."

Tyson picked out a cowboy costume for the event, Adorno-Diaz said, but Payson was bundled up in a purple butterfly costume.

"When I saw the butterfly it was a perfect fit," Adorno-Diaz said, adding that her own mother called her a butterfly when she was younger.

It was the first time for Megan Moore, 12, and Nicole DiGiambattista, 11, who came as an Eskimo and angel, respectively. Their spirit wasn't damped by the cold weather, as Nicole said it was fun despite the cold.

"We just love to do crazy things together," Megan added.

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