Illuminations and Icons by Heidi Neff

Illuminations and Icons, featuring the paintings of Heidi Neff, associate professor of art and design at Harford Community College, is on display at Charmed Life Gallery & Tattoo Studio, at 4505 Harford Road in Baltimore through the end of the month.

The Illuminated Manuscripts series presents headlines in the style of medieval illuminated manuscripts.

"Nothing seems important because everything is given equal importance," the artist said in a press release. She noted that disasters, wars and tragedies are given the same amount of attention by the media as celebrity weddings. She thought about monks spending countless hours just to reproduce a single book and how you can now access that information instantly in your pocket. The headlines often feature religious responses to disasters, or violence born of zealotry. Neff wants to slow down how we see those events, she said in her press release.

Heidi Neff's new Icon series continues her love/hate relationship with technology and how it changes the way we view the things that we hold most dear. The title refers both to iPhones and to sacred images, particularly those of mother and child. Her work can be seen at

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