Harford man pays back child support to keep 'hog,' prosecutor says

Rather than risk losing his motorcycle, a Havre de Grace man recently sold his home in order to make back child support payments, according to the Harford County State's Attorney's Office., which says the payment is one of the largest settlements ever received.

Jackie Ronald Lyons was dunned $62,039.75 in back child support payments by a judgment entered in Harford County Circuit Court on Aug. 15, according to electronic court records. The court likewise approved a garnishment order through Harford Bank.

According to a news release from the state's attorney's office, Lyons accumulated the child support arrears over an extended period.

Having received no payments from Lyons, the Family Support Division of the State's Attorney's Office "launched an intensive investigation into Lyons' finances, turning up multiple bank accounts, real estate and vehicles titled in his name," the state's attorney's news release said.

In March, the state's attorney's office began court proceedings to collect the money, court records show.

The state's attorney filed documents in Harford County Circuit Court to seize Lyons' bank accounts and his Harley Davidson motorcycle and to place a lien on his home, according to the news release. State tax records show Lyons owns a home in the 200 block of Alliance Street in Havre de Grace.

Court records show Lyons, who doesn't appear to have been represented by a lawyer, was served with a writ of execution to begin turning over his assets on Oct. 25.

"In an interesting twist, on Nov. 21, the day before Thanksgiving, the State's Attorney's Office received a check for over $63,000," the news release said. "Mr. Lyons sold his house to pay the arrearages rather than lose his Harley."

"We were about to seize the motorcycle when the house was sold, and we got the check from the title company and that is the way I interpreted it," State's Attorney Joseph Cassilly wrote Monday in an e-mail explaining what had transpired.

"This is one of our larger settlements," Cassilly wrote.

Efforts to reach Lyons were unsuccessful. He does not have a listed home phone number.

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