Rapid Refill salutes U.S. Military by recycling

Rapid Refill, in Bel Air, is combining two days into one worthy community recycling effort through a partnership with Operation Paperback as a way to recognize both Veterans Day – Nov. 11 – and America Recycles Day on Nov. 15.

Starting Oct. 3, the Bel Air Rapid Refill and other Rapid Refill locations nationwide will collect used books for redeployment to troops overseas. Troops look forward to fresh reading materials, and donations of hard bound books as well as magazines will be accepted along with paperbacks, according to a Rapid Refill press release. Troops usually request action, best sellers, biographies, memoirs, fantasy, history, humor, mysteries, science fiction and true crime. Not surprisingly, romances are not particularly popular and books that are pornographic, religious or political will not be accepted.

Donations will be accepted until Nov. 12, and will then be shipped to troops around the world. Books usually pass through several hands as they are passed from troop to troop. Customers will receive a coupon for each book brought in with an empty ink or toner cartridge.

"As we thought about how we wanted to honor America's Veterans, we came to realize that it is more than just the people who once served – it is also important to recognize those who continue to serve our country today. We know our customers are dedicated to recycling. During October and November, as they bring in empty printer cartridges they can also bring in a used book knowing they will be placed in the hands of troops who need a good read to unwind from their duties," Bel Air Rapid Refill manager Donna Gustafsson said in a press release. "That American Recycles Day is Nov. 15 is just a fortunate bonus."

With the help of its customers, Rapid Refill expects to donate thousands of books through this drive that could ultimately reach five times as many troops and readers overseas.

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