21st Century Oncology Receive full ACRO Accreditation

21st Century Oncology, which operates a network of free-standing radiation oncology centers, including one each in Bel Air and Belcamp, has announced it has received full accreditation from the American College of Radiation.

"It is an honor to have obtained this accreditation from such a prestigious organization as ACRO. In the field of cancer care, this group is the gold standard," said David Horvick, radiation oncologist and the medical director of 21st Century Oncology's Harford County centers. "We hope this shows the community our commitment to providing the highest level of radiation therapy available today."

The principles ACRO has developed ensure quality practice is achieved in the radiation oncology field. Once a practice is committed to securing the accreditation, an audit is conducted by a group of professional peers to assure these standards are being met. Some of the aspects of the accreditation process include on-site inspection, extensive review of medical records and procedure verification, and interviews with the center's medical team. Accreditation is strictly a voluntary process for health care organizations.

"Full accreditation status is not easily achieved," said Vinita Patanaphan, another of 21st Century Oncology's radiation oncologists with the Bel Air and Belcamp practices. "To do so, each center had to demonstrate proficiency in three key components: Medical Chart Review accreditation, Administrator accreditation and Physics Accreditation."

What sets these community-based centers apart, however, is not just that each offer some of the most advanced technology found across the country in the fight against cancer, or its newly acquired recognition.

"One of the main aspects of our centers that truly differentiates us from other settings is the comfortable, less intimidating environment," Horvick said. "People need to be aware that an extraordinarily high level of medical expertise, along with the best equipment in existence for cancer treatment, is found right in their own neighborhoods."

21st Century Oncology, Inc. is a developer and operator of radiation therapy centers. These centers, which are free standing and hospital-based, provide a spectrum of radiation therapy services to cancer patients, including conventional external beam radiation treatments and advanced services such as prostate seed implants and 3D conformal treatment planning. In its 30 years of operation, the company has developed an operating model which enables the company's centers to deliver high quality, cost effective patient care. The company operates 95 centers clustered into regional networks in, Maryland, Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, West Virginia, California, Rhode Island and North Carolina.

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