Commuter Appreciation Days for Harford

Those who travel by MARC train to get to work are in for a treat as Harford Commuter Assistance, elected officials and special guests will be on hand from 5:30 to 9 a.m. at the Edgewood MARC Train Station May 2, and the Aberdeen MARC Train Station May 8 with giveaways and light refreshments as well as commuting information as part of May's designation as Clean Commute Month.

These are commuters who, day after day, board the MARC train heading south to Baltimore and other destinations, includingWashington, get to work. Nearly 600 Harford County commuters make this choice every day.

The Penn Line is the most traveled of all three MARC Lines boasting an average daily ridership of approximately 20,000 commuters. The train operates primarily between Baltimore's Penn Station and Union Station in Washington, D. C. with local stops in Aberdeen and Edgewood, as well as nearby Perryville and Middle River. Scheduled stops on the route include the Baltimore/Penn Station, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, Odenton, Bowie State University and New Carrollton.

Those who commute to work by train will be "thanked" with complimentary coffee, snack, and free gift, courtesy of Clarence's Taste of New Orleans Restaurant and Harford Commuter Assistance Rideshare. Information will also be available regarding ridesharing programs, including the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

During the morning commute time, Harford County representatives and others will take time to express their appreciation to commuters for using mass transit to mitigate traffic congestion, improve air quality, and save money on gas.

May is nationally designated Clean Commute Month because it is the beginning of the ground level ozone season. On days with poor air quality indexes motorists are encouraged not to drive to work because pollution produced by cars causes ground level ozone, or smog. Smog can cause burning eyes, difficulty breathing or even trigger asthma attacks.

Single occupancy vehicles produce 20 percent of the dangerous ozone-emission pollution in the Baltimore area. Using mass transit such as the MARC train and buses helps improve air quality.

For more information about Harford Commuter Assistance Rideshare and alternative forms of commuting, contact Alan Doran, Rideshare Coordinator, at 800-924-8646 (TOGO) or visit

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