My favorite summer foods

At the prodding of my colleagues and the hunger pangs in my stomach, I'm devoting an entire column to my favorite summertime treats.

As a Maryland native, there is no way I can start this off without mentioning my absolute favorite food year-round, but is especially tasty in the summer, steamed crabs. I could probably write the whole entire column about my love of steamed crabs, but for your sake, I'll limit it to a couple of paragraphs.

Steamed crabs, for me at least, have always been synonymous with family and friends, as I assume they may be for most people. You can't really eat crabs alone, but I've already had them several times over the summer with my family and once or twice with friends.

I also just learned from my colleagues there is a pro-mustard or anti-mustard debate, as well as male versus female steamed crabs, so I suppose I should make my stance clear. I am pro-mustard and pro-male.

But all of that really doesn't mean much to me. Honestly, I love eating crabs so much I don't really distinguish between the male or female crabs. Whereas some may wash the crabs clean, I prefer the spicy taste of compacted Old Bay.

If they're steamed with beer, even better.

Strangely enough, my stepdad's side of the family started the tradition of eating doughnuts right after steamed crabs. I know, it sounds weird, but I dare you to try it. A chocolate covered doughnut right after spicy crabs is kind of perfect, really.

Now that I've broached the topic of sweets, I'll move on to my second, or maybe tied for first, favorite summertime treat.

I love Polish Water Ice. Unfortunately, the closest one is on the boardwalk at Ocean City, Md., but every year I go, I cram enough water ice in those few days so I can survive a year without them.

I know there are other ice-type places and snowballs, but for me, nothing compares to the smooth and thick water ice I can only find in Ocean City. Plus, the Polish Water Freeze incorporates a spiral of ice cream next to the spiral of water ice, which is an amazing combination.

Like a gelato, but with the ice cream on the side, so I can perfectly ration my water ice to ice cream.

See, steamed crabs are tastier in the summer, but available year-round. Polish Water Ice, however, is only available a limited amount of time.

Thus, when my husband, John, and I go to Ocean City for a few days at the end of August, I am planning our entire vacation around the sweet treat. I'm pretty sure I can eat it at least three times a day.

Before you admonish me about the dangers of eating so much sugar per day, just know that for the most part, I am a healthy eater and I exercise … sometimes. Besides, I can handle it. On our honeymoon cruise there was a 24-hour soft serve ice cream machine.

For free. 24-hours. How do you not eat ice cream cones one after another? (Note: I only ate consecutive cones one time after drinking a sip of John's drink, which I might add, was disgusting).

And my third and final favorite summertime food is again, packed with sugar. I love funnel cakes, and although I had a delicious one at the Mason-Dixon Fair, I think I'll need to get at least one more in Ocean City to last me until the next carnival or fair.

I do, however, limit toppings to powdered sugar, no jams or syrups for me. So that's sort of healthier … right?

As you can tell, this is going to be one yummy Ocean City trip and rest of the summer. I'm not alone in my love for these treats either.

I have a perfect match, in several ways really, with my husband, John, who happens to love funnel cakes more than I do. Yes, that is possible.

And now I'm going to eat lunch ...

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