Massachusetts man held without bail after allegedly harassing ex-wife

A 31-year-old Massachusetts man was held without bail Friday after allegedly violating a protective order three times. On one of those occasions, he allegedly broke into his ex-wife's home.

Luke Alan Felsentreger, of West Springfield, Mass., was first charged on July 14 when he allegedly called and texted his ex-wife repeatedly, Assistant State's Attorney Alison Carver said at Felsentreger's bail review hearing Friday in Harford County District Court.

Felsentreger was later released. Carver stated that she has seen the multiple text messages allegedly sent by Felsentreger to his ex-wife, who doesn't reply to him.

On July 18, Carver said, Felsentreger allegedly went onto his ex-wife's home, and she called police again. Felsentreger was charged and released later that day.

after he was released that day, Felsentreger allegedly went back to his ex-wife's home, picked the lock and allegedly went to her bedroom to shake her awake. He was charged with fourth-degree burglary, as well as a third protective order violation.

Carver also said Felsentreger allegedly followed his ex-wife down Tollgate Road into a bank parking lot in one incident and has allegedly threatened to commit suicide.

"Nothing has stopped him at this point," she noted.

Judge Mimi Cooper decided to hold Felsentreger without bail on all four charges and instructed him not to contact his ex-wife.

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