50 years ago: State trooper in critical condition after being struck by car on Route 1

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, Oct. 18, 1962:

State Trooper Richard Truitt, a 24-year-old officer stationed at the Benson Barrack, was in critical condition after being struck by a car. Trooper Truitt was talking to a Bel Air woman, the driver of a car he had just pulled over for a traffic violation, when another car hit him. Witnesses said that the officer was thrown 15 feet in the air and landed 35 feet from where he had originally been standing. The accident occurred on Route 1, a mile south of Bel Air. Truitt was rushed to the hospital for treatment of severe shock, three fractures of the right thigh and severe lacerations of the head. Trooper Truitt's ear was later found behind the rear seat of the car that struck him.

The manager of a diner on Route 40 in Havre de Grace and a customer were both charged with possession of drugs. A search was made of the diner following the arrests. A quantity of amphetamine tablets wrapped in groups of 10 were found there. The raid was conducted in cooperation with both the Havre de Grace Police and Harford County Sheriff's Office. The sale of these "goof balls," as the contraband was known, had grown into a serious problem throughout the state and county according to law enforcement officers. The primary targets in many of these sales had been teenagers and truck drivers.

An Aberdeen man was admitted to Harford Memorial Hospital morning after being stabbed twice outside of a Route 1 bar near Dublin. Police were called to the scene where they found about 250 peoples congregated outside of the establishment. The stabbing victim told police he had just come out of the bar and was standing at the back of the building when he felt a pain in his back, as if he had been hit with a fist. He turned around and saw a man holding a knife. The man claimed he threw his hands up in front of his face and suffered another wound in his hand before his assailant fled. The man sustained a laceration of the left thumb and a stab wound of the lower left back.

Richard Mulligan, of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was to give a lecture at the opening program of the '62-'63 Harford Forum. Mulligan was to launch the 13th season for Harford Forum in the auditorium of Bel Air High School. He presented an official point of view concerning the much publicized race between the United States and Soviet Union to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. Sponsored by the Harford County Teachers' Association and the Harford County Council of Parent-Teacher Association, Harford Forum had, for the previous 12 seasons, provided local audiences with informative and entertaining programs.

Bobby Crawford, of Emmorton, brought down the largest deer ever bagged by an archer in the county. On the first day of the archery season, using his bow and arrow, he took one perfect shot to the neck. The 7-point buck weighed 210 pounds, almost 20 pounds heavier than the previous record deer taken with a bow.

An ad for the First National Bank of Bel Air, 12 Office St, Bel Air., read: "Buying a Car?" "One day service, cash in advance." Bank Rates: Amount borrowed and amount of 36 monthly payments: $1200, $38.33; $1800, $$57.50; $2500, $79.86.

In an ad for Joppatowne by the Panitz Brothers & Company, Inc., read: There's plenty of space in this one-and-a-half-story brick Cape Cod. Living room, dining room, four bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen, ample closets and storage space, carport. All that space, and only $11,490 plus $120 ground rent. Down payment of $400. What's even better, full monthly payments are only $98.59.

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