50 years ago: New Northeast Expressway in southern Harford 5% complete

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, October 11, 1962:

The Northeast Expressway through lower Harford County toward the Delaware line was 5 percent ahead of schedule. Plans called for opening sections of the big toll road in November 1963. When completed the expressway would be patrolled by the Maryland State Police. The new highway was expected to correct the overloaded traffic on Route 40 and improve the distressing accident rate there.

Two men made off with about $200 in cash after staging a holdup at the housing office in Baldwin Manor in Aberdeen. Dorsey Ficklin, manager of the development, told police the men entered his office when he opened up for work at 8 a.m. One of them wore a stocking over his face and demanded his receipts. Ficklin turned over $200 to them. One of the robbers slugged Ficklin on the head with his pistol and then they tied him up. Another employee, Leonard Hardy, happened by and the robbers tied him up as well and then put both men inside the vault in the office. Hardy managed to free himself of his bonds and untied Ficklin and both men soon got out of the vault and summoned police. No arrests had been made after an intense search.

The Joppa-Magnolia, Abingdon, Cowenton and Kingsville fire companies rushed to a blaze at the Klein's Hotel building on Route 40 in Joppa. When they arrived on the scene they found smoke coming from the upper portion of the building in the attic. The firemen were able to confine the blaze to the attic and a portion of the roof. Flames and water severely damaged four rooms of the building, but the fire were halted before it spread to the remainder of the large building. The cause of the fire had not yet been determined.

A large barn on the Wharton Farm on the Old Pylesville Road, and a machinery shed on the Davis property on David Road, were both destroyed by fire. An estimated $6,000 worth of property was lost in the Davis fire after an explosion started the blaze, destroying the shed containing a hay dryer and a tank of oil. The cause of the Wharton fire was uncertain. Mrs. Wharton said she looked out of her bedroom window and saw the barn on fire. By the time the firefighters arrived on the scene the barn was beyond saving. The barn contained straw and hay, bags of feed, a corn picker, a wagon and other pieces of equipment.

The three-day oral polio vaccine clinic was a success, with 38,724 citizens of Harford County showing up to get the new vaccination. A sugar cube was given to each recipient with two drops of the vaccine on top. The vaccine was free but a donation of 25 cents was requested to help pay for the cost of it. For anyone who missed the vaccination days, local physicians and staff at the health department building on Hays Street would also be able to administer the vaccine.

Oak Grove Baptist Church on Route 22 in Bel Air celebrated its 30th anniversary. In conjunction with the celebration, the pastor and congregation announced the public plans to build a new sanctuary. April 1963 was the tentative time to begin construction.

In an ad: "Re-Opening Ball Park Diner, Rt. 1, Poplar Grove, Under Same Management. Closed on Wednesdays."

In another: "Bus Service to Start from Aberdeen Proving Ground to the Bel Air Roller Rink, Friday and Saturday Nights, Sunday Afternoons. Leaving APG at 7 p.m."

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