Unusual foam - detergent waste or farmland deposit - appears in Winters Run

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, March 14, 1963:

Heavy foam appeared on top of the waters of Winter's Run 50 years ago this week. The foam was checked by the state Water Pollution Control Commission and it was believed the foam was caused either by a heavy load of detergent waste or ammonia from an accumulation of farmland deposits in the water. Such types of water pollution were found throughout the United States but that was the first time such pollution was reported in Harford County.

The Aberdeen Moose Lodge at Rogers and Franklin streets was the scene of a break-in. The burglars entered the building by cutting a hole in the roof. Inside the building a safe had been forced open with the use of crowbars and hammers. All the coin operated machines had also been broken open. The loss was estimated at $2,300.

A man's body, missing since November, had finally been found. The construction worker was part of the crew working on the new Northeast Expressway bridge over the Susquehanna River. He was last seen by his co-workers alongside a boat when he suddenly disappeared. An initial search of the area that went on for several days, proved fruitless. The body was discovered in the water near the island off Tydings Park in Havre de Grace.

The C&P Telephone company installed a 75-foot tall telephone pole in Bel Air. The pole made a 15-mile journey across Harford County to its new home on Hays Street. Two antennas and a transmitter would also be put into place and then the new telephone location would be ready for business.

Services at the Emmorton Baptist Church on Route 24 were canceled this week because of a fire that started in the new partially completed steeple. Sunday school classes had just gotten under way when the flames were noticed in the steeple and an alarm was sounded. The blaze burned some materials that had been stored in the steeple; no damage was done to the exterior of the church.

The State Board of Corrections made its recommendations for updates to the Harford County system. Except for their five suggestions, the commission found the jail to be in a satisfactory condition and run in an acceptable manner. Corrective measures recommended at the county jail included: a real need for two additional men for the sheriff's staff to work both at the jail and on the roads, county authorities should consider making a separation between the staff at the jail and those of the sheriff, there should be a room were visits could be held with a greater degree of security, establish a county-wide work program for sentenced prisoners and ample office work space should be provided for the sheriff and his staff at the jail.

In an ad for Emery Cook Motors, Aberdeen: "How far does a nickel go in a VW Truck? Two miles. Which is pretty far, when you consider that this includes the cost of gas and oil and tire wear and maintenance. When you take into account that conventional trucks run the same two miles for about 12 cents, you get some idea of how much you'll save with the VW Truck."

At the Bel Air Theatre: "To Kill A Mockingbird," starring Gregory Peck, "The most beloved Pulitzer Prize Winner now comes alive on the screen, featuring Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, John Megna, Ruth White and Paul Fix." During the week at the theatre, Walt Disney's "Son of Flubber."

Opening for the new season! At the Bel Air Drive-in Theatre, "Birdman of Alcatraz" starring Burt Lancaster, also James Mason in "Hero's Island" in color!

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