Northeastern Expressway construction brings muddy mess for some

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, March 7, 1963:

Construction of the new Northeastern Expressway 50 years ago caused the relocation of Route 24, which resulted in some residents of Emmorton Road having the road in front of their homes torn up and completely mud covered. This wasn't an issue through the winter of 1963 because the ground was frozen, but since the spring thaw and rains had arrived, it turned the road into a muddy mess that at times was knee deep. One family had to construct a make shift walkway out of pine branches just to reach their car that was parked on the other side of the split Emmorton Road. The residents would have to put up with the messy road until the new one would open later that year.

Another long-time dairy farmer in Harford County sold her herd and went out of business. The Brookes established their Jersey herd in the early 1900s, with many of the existing females being direct descendants of the original herd. The 30 cows, 17 heifers and two young bulls were sold in Churchville for $6,158. Mrs. Brooks' son, Bel Air Town Engineer Thomas Brookes, commented after the sale, "It will sure seem funny buying milk for the first time in my life."

A man took a woman's purse from her grocery cart while she was shopping in the Bel Air Safeway on Saturday morning. He put it under his jacket and ran out of the store. The woman screamed and the store's assistant manager gave pursuit to the fleeing robber. The chase led out the store's front door, across the parking lot, across Kenmore Avenue, in back of several buildings and in front of the Holmes' Esso Station. At this time the fleeing man dropped the purse. The thief was chased into the Bel Air Diner where he was apprehended and taken to the Harford County Jail.

Ice fishermen were making record catches in 1963 on the waters of the Aberdeen Proving Ground installation. Some fishermen reported catches of as many as 100 fish a day. The most frequent catches yellow perch and bass.

Sharon McDaniel of Bel Air was crowned "Queen" of the Bel Air Roller Rink. The skating exhibition was well received by the audience. Gifts for the queen were donated by Clark's Stationery Store, Walker's Department Store, Preston's, Courtland Hardware, Lana Loebell, Bata Shoe Store, Petticoat Lane, Greenfield's Florist, Richardson's and Frank Shoes, Ivin's Pharmacy and Z. Witt of Aberdeen.

Emergency first aid and rescue teams from all over Harford County competed in a skills competition to determine the best trained ambulance or rescue crew. Teams will be tested on their knowledge and skill in emergency response, handling accident victims at the scene, caring for emergency medical cases and basic first aid procedures. The winning team would win custody of the Martin Company First Aid Trophy.

The 8th Annual Science Fair for Harford County schools would be held at Aberdeen High School. The student projects were on display for the general public. Each exhibit was judged independently by three judges who had professional scientific backgrounds in the areas to be judged. Judging was based on creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill, clarity and dramatic value. First prize winner in each of the seven classes would receive awards medals.

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