25 Years Ago: Phantom fondler strikes again in Edgewood-Joppa

From The Aegis dated May 28, 1987:

The Edgewood-Joppa area "phantom fondler" struck again twice this week 25 years ago.

The man had fondled 13 women, watching them while they slept and sometimes rubbing their abdomens and legs. He would lurk in the shadows then run off when the women — 12 of whom were alone when he struck — awoke.

So far, he hadn't harmed any of the women.

"He's had plenty of opportunity to [rape], but there must be something about the act itself," Maj. Jesse Bane of the Harford County Sheriff's Office said.

The only sexual contact was the man touching the woman's breast in the most recent case. In some cases, there was no contact at all.

The Aldino Market and Deli was robbed this week 25 years ago in rather bizarre fashion. The manager of the store was notified at home the store's alarm had gone off and she was needed on-site to do a search. When the manager arrived, she was met by a woman dressed in a police uniform similar to a deputy's.

As they went inside, two men – both in hooded masks and one with a knife – came behind them and forced them into the store, where they forced the manager to turn over cash. One of the men poured a flammable liquid on the floor and lit it, then poured it on the manager and pushed her toward it. All three people – the two men and the woman dressed as a police officer – ran off.

A 175-pound chimpanzee named Robbie was shot and killed in Delta, Pa., 25 years ago this week after it escaped from its cage and mauled a man.

The 23-year-old man, who was in stable condition at a Baltimore Hospital, was working when the 9-year-old, 4-foot chimp bit him several times on the arms and legs.

The stepson of the chimp's owners shot the chimp, fearing it may attack someone else.

"It's a shame it had to end like that. Robbie wasn't just a pet, he was a part of our family," owner Barbara Alley said. "I had to say, 'shoot him,' because I was afraid he would hurt someone else."

The second-in-command at Harford Community College was leaving the school, he announced this week 25 years ago.

Dr. Michael Murphy, dean of the college, had accepted the presidency of Florissant Valley Community College inSt. Louis, Mo.

Murphy had been at HCC for nine years and had been scheduled for a semester sabbatical the next semester. His wife, Susan Murphy, a professor of psychology at HCC, would also be leaving.

Harford County government was getting ready to borrow money — from itself — for new water and sewer projects. The money was expected to come from the proceeds of the transfer of ownership of Harford Memorial Hospital.

The county's treasurer, Jim Jewell, would only confirm that self-borrowing was one option the county was considering to pay for the next phase of the Havre de Grace water source.

"We are looking at several sources," Jewell said. "All I know right now is that I am going to need a large amount of cash at this time next year."

Seven-year-old Kelly Glorioso and her Shetland sheep dog "Sheltie" had a "special relationship," which was captured in a picture on the front page of The Aegis 25 years ago. Glorioso and her dog were amazing judges at the three prestigious shows they'd been in to date and have placed high in all three, including second out of 64 handlers. "Sheltie" scored 196.5 points out of a possible 200, half a point behind the winner.

Bel Air Sew & Vac was encouraging readers to "Clean Up This Memorial Week," 25 years ago, with "spectacular savings." Prices were 30 to 60 percent off, including a Eureka upright vacuum for $59.98, a Eureka Power Team for $168.88 and a Hoover two-speed cleaning system was $258.88. Sewing machines were on sale for $149 to $700 for a Pfaff electric.

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