Smartphone apps for saving money

If you're always looking to save a little extra cash at the store, you should start by saving some space on your smartphone. Yes, there are apps that can help you save money, and many stores have their own apps. 

Every time I go to Target, not only do I check my wallet for eligible coupons, but I browse my Target Cartwheel app. All you do is sign up and choose your deals -- all for free. You can get 10 percent off sliced meats, 5 percent off different cleaning products, 50 percent off cereals, 20 percent off makeup, 30 percent off toddler-size shoes ... the list goes on, and the deals include all kinds of items. Sometimes while in the store, I'll check the app to see if a specific brand of an item is included in the Cartwheel. Have the cashier scan your Cartwheel barcode and you're well on your way to some savings.

Another must for my phone -- apps for craft stores. They each have a coupon section, and a lot of times you can get 40-50 percent off any regular-priced item. 

Hoping to pinch a few pennies at the drugstore? Check out apps for CVS and Walgreens while you're browsing your phone's app store. If you have CVS' Extra Care card or Walgreens' Balance Rewards card, link them to the apps to see more coupons. 

Check apps like RetailMeNot and SnipSnap for deals at other specific stores. RetailMeNot helps you find the nearest mall or shopping center and shows you offers for places like Kohl's, Macy's and Toys-R-Us. And if you're tired of carrying a stack of coupons in your wallet, take photos of them with SnipSnap and display them to the cashier on your phone. 

And I know you Starbucks lovers already have the app to reap the rewards regularly.

Gone are the days of coupon-clipping. It's all about the app world now. What's your favorite money-saving app?

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