400 snap selfie in Detroit: Can Orlando do better?

Orlando Sentinel

Say cheese Orlando, because I know we can do better than Detroit. 

Earlier today, about 400 Detroit area residents stood in the cold on the steps of the Detroit Institute of Arts to take a group "selfie".

The photo gathering was part of Detroit Week, a series of events meant to highlight "entrepreneurship and innovation in metro Detroit", according to the Detroit Free Press. 

While any positive news that comes out of Detroit is a good thing (it's where I grew up), I know we can gather more than 400 people in Orlando for a group selife.

How do I know this?

Orlando is a high-tech city with high-tech industries. We have one of the largest universities in the U.S. with a population of students that basically invented the selfie. And best of all, we can be outside this time of year and we don't need coats.

Let's do this. Let's gather somewhere in Orlando like at Lake Eola, the Amway Center, the Orlando Museum of Art or at UCF. Let's show Detroit and the world that we can get 4,000 for a group selfie.

Who's with me?

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