Readers are sick of conflicts, broken promises

Scott, your Sunday column ["Governor must remove developer from X-way board"] was simply maddening. Putting someone with expertise on road-building is one thing. Getting someone who has conflicts of interest is just unethical. Lewis.

Most readers shared your outrage, Lewis. Very few think Rick Scott is living up to his promise of good government by asking an insider who has private business dealings with this agency to help run it.

Scott, Gov. Scott knows conflict of interest when he sees it. (He just dealt harshly with the job-training folks.) So why does he turn around and pick Scott Batterson of all people — someone he will, by his own admission, have to 'keep an eye on'Lynne

Because Batterson's buddies — State Reps. Chris Dorworth and Jason Brodeur — asked him to.

Scott, did Rick Scott's spokeswoman laugh when she said he will simply "keep an eye on that guy?"  I certainly did. Carolyn

Scott, if attorneys can be conflicted off a case, then the same should hold true for public officials. Let me know how to speak out. John

You can reach the governor's office at 850-488-7146 and the legislative switchboard at 850-488-4371.

Great article. This is what I wrote to my legislator: "Honorable Jason T. Brodeur: I read with dismay about your recommendation of Batterson … and fail to understand how such an egregious conflict of interest is not of concern to you. You received my vote in the last election, but this action alone has lost my future support since you are clearly more interested in associations that are advantageous to you rather than championing small government or fiscal responsibility. Either that, or you simply have recklessly bad judgment." Michael

Scott, I want to make my voice heard, but does it really make any difference? Richard

Absolutely. Not often enough. But citizens of this state — and specifically readers of this column — have helped do everything from derailing plans for no-bid golf resorts on public parkland to blocking a law that would've made it harder for volunteer watchdogs to report cases of elder abuse.

So Maxwell, what did you think of the president's visit? Joe

I think he probably scored a ratings bump with his tough talk and clear focus on jobs … and then immediately erased that bump by blocking traffic with his motorcade on I-4 at rush hour.

Scott, My wife and I feel that you and I are an exemplary member of the true 4th estate in America — informing us, keeping us abreast of what's really going on and, yes, as corny as it may sound, protecting our democracy. David

David, a note like that really makes for a nice moment during a busy day.

Maxwell, you think you're so smart. But you're not. You're a hack who couldn't get a job anywhere else. Bob.

Moment's over.

I just finished reading your column and it made me sick to my stomach. I don't know what to do. I write letters. I get involved. But I feel like I'm spitting into the wind. I hate to read the paper anymore. John

John, take some Pepto and spit downwind. But for heaven's sake, don't take it out on the paper. You heard what Bob just said about my other job options, didn't you?

Scott, I never made the frat boy metaphor connection until now. ["Tallahassee is now Animal House, with party boys trampling your rights," Sept. 18]. I think you are right on. Arrogant, privileged, supercilious, and worst of all...smug." Fred

Thanks, Fred. And nobody knows arrogant and smug better than a newspaper columnist … who used to be in a fraternity.

Good morning Mr. Maxwell. I don't usually like or read opinion articles because they are so full of ....opinions. John

I hear ya, John. I keep fussing at Bianchi and the sports staff for all their incessant sports coverage. or 407-420-6141

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