Orlando Lake Nona 2014 RB Wadzaire Blanc snags South Carolina offer

Orlando Lake Nona rising junior running back Wadzaire Blanc got a surprising phone call on Monday. It was Everette Sands, running backs coach at the University of South Carolina.

"He said he liked the way I play and the way I run the ball hard. He told me how they wanted to get me on the recruiting sheets and get me to come visit during the spring," said Blanc, a 5-foot-81/2, 175 pounder who had 1,193 yards rushing as a freshman, as well as 37 receptions for 565 yards and a total of 19 touchdowns. "I'm really happy right now. It's a great thing to hear because I've been working real hard. I thought it was great because I really want to be a Gamecock."

Blanc said he liked watching former St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk, who was his favorite player growing up. Interestingly, Blanc is a similar type of player in that he can pile up the yardage on the ground, but also catches the ball well out of the backfield.

"I can pound it up the middle when we run the I-formation sometimes," Blanc said, "But I also like to go in the shotgun and especially in the jet formation that we run all the time."

He still has two seasons before he'll have to pick a college, but Blanc said the wait won't bother him.

"My coach tells me I just gotta work harder and play harder to be more success," Blanc said. "I just want to work hard and have success with my team at Lake Nona and when the time comes, the time comes."

And the South Carolina offer has perked up the interest of his teammates, a talented bunch of youngsters that second-year head coach Anthony Paradiso has headed in a positive direction.

"All my friends think it's a good achievement because they know how hard we work. Me getting that phone call from South Carolina just lets us know we are doing something right. We're working hard," Blanc said. "My whole team, they showed me what it takes to be a good team and my coaches make me better at what I do."

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