PostSecret publishes possible murder confession

Internet sleuths are polishing off their magnifying glasses after a possible murder confession was posted to the popular community art website

The controversial postcard shows a map with a red arrow and the words "I said she dumped me, but really, I dumped her (body)."

Frank Warren, the founder of the website, posted the confession along with 20 other secrets Saturday night and it has since caused a stir on social media and even prompted a criminal investigation.

Redittors saw the postcard and took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the strange secret by narrowing down the location to Jackson Park in Chicago and creating a new subreddit to post tips and information.

Police in Chicago received the tip and searched the park without finding anything, so the information was passed on to Chicago detectives.

The post is still online as people across the web weigh the pros and cons of having it on the website, which is known for posting secrets that can at times be controversial.

Warren hasn't posted much additional information about Sunday's Top Secret on his website, but the official Twitter account has been re-tweeting concerns and sentiments from followers. At one point, a tweet was even posted asking Reddit for help.

We can only hope this turns out better than the time Reddit fingered a missing Brown student as the Boston bomber or the time a man's personal information was circulated around the social news site after he used a popular meme to say he murdered his sister's abusive ex-boyfriend.

What do you think: Should the secret have been published?

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