Pope Francis declares Jesuit priest Peter Faber a saint

Orlando Sentinel

The Vatican announced today that Pope Francis has bypassed the normal procedures for canonization and named an early member of his own order as a saint, according to the National Catholic Reporter. 

Fr. Peter Faber (Pierre Favre), the newly named saint, was a Frenchman who was a co-founder of the Society of Jesus -- popularly known as the Jesuits -- in the early 16th century. He died in 1546. 

The procedure Francis used to name Faber a saint is known as "equivalent canonization," and allows a pope to bypass the ceremonies and other matters generally associated with the canonization process.

This is the second time Francis has used the maneuver, which also was used sparingly by Pope John Paul II and the most recent past pope, Benedict XVI.

Read more at the National Catholic Reporter.

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