New app lets you call out sexist Super Bowl ads

For years, many Super Bowl commercials catered toward men, using models and attractive celebrities to sell beer, Carl's Jr. hamburgers and even website domain names.  

Well now there's an app that lets you call out ads for being sexist.

Gender equality campaigners The Representation Project have recently released the "Not Buying It" app, that will allow users to catalog and share sexist advertising. While the app can and will be used to exploit sexist portrayals of women in Super Bowl ads, it can also be used to target sexist print ads, billboards and everyday television advertising.  

The name comes from a Twitter campaign from last year's Super Bowl, where 10,000 tweets included the #NotBuyingIt hashtag.  

Last year, 51 million of the 111.5 million people that watched Super Bowl XLVI were women.  

Apparently, the campaign is working. reports that has pledged to "not use sexualized images of women this year."

The Not Buying It app was funded by Indiegogo and created by the development team at Boston's Raizlabs. The app is available on the iTunes App Store for free


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