Who's who in white-supremacist case

Brian Klose

The 49-year-old St. Cloud resident faces charges of threatening to use a destructive device and seven counts of drug dealing. The bomb-related charge stems from a threat to blow up the Osceola County clubhouse of the Warlocks, a rival motorcycle gang. The drug charges accuse him of multiple sales of prescription painkillers. If convicted of all charges, he faces at least 75 years in prison.

Harold 'Hippie' Kinlaw

Upset over the marriage of his sister to a black police officer in Shallotte, N.C., Kinlaw, a 54-year-old Orlando resident, is accused of trying to get explosives to put in the family's vehicles. "Kinlaw said he didn't want to her hurt her feelings, but that [if] she was killed also that 'she has it coming for marrying [a black man],' " records state. He faces charges of solicitation to commit first-degree murder and threatening to use a destructive device.

Ronald Cusack

The St. Cloud resident faces charges of delivering cocaine in the Kavallerie Brigade clubhouse and seeking explosives to blow up a neighbor's storage unit. Records state the FBI recorded videos of Cusack, 49, snorting cocaine in the clubhouse and later talking about the proposed bombing.

Carlos 'Gino' Dubose

President of the Outlaws' Osceola chapter, Dubose, of St. Cloud, was accused of — but not charged with — planning a contract murder inside the Osceola County Jail of an inmate who struck and killed Klose's 78-year-old father in 2009 while driving high on cocaine. Dubose faces charges of threatening to use a destructive device and trafficking in oxycodone for allegedly selling 90 pills to an undercover agent in 2010.

Marcus Faella

During Faella's May 4 arrest, numerous weapons were seized from the home of the man identified as the leader of the American Front. The arsenal included "several AK-47's fully loaded next to the Faellas' bed, sniper rifles, one which was placed behind the front door of the residence … manuals on warfare ... and many other items involving weapons and the white power movement," records state. Faella, 39, of Holopaw faces life in prison if convicted of teaching paramilitary training to a racist gang.

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