An NBA scout evaluates Indiana Hoosiers guard Victor Oladipo

Orlando Sentinel

Ryan Blake, the senior director of NBA scouting operations, offers his take on Indiana Hoosiers shooting guard Victor Oladipo:

“The last two years, he’s improved. He’s such a gym rat. He’s improved what he does away from the ball and then how he does that to make his team better. And then you add 14 points per game. You add six rebounds a game. He can pass the ball; he had two assists [per game]. Then you add two steals per game and then a block [per game]. He’s greatly improved his outside shooting. . . .

“He hit 44 percent from behind the arc and only shot about 20 percent of all his shots from deep. He was such an unselfish player. He’s a guy that can come in — and will come in — and immediately earn minutes defensively, and that will give him the confidence to even do more. I think when he’s picked high and he’s given that opportunity, there’s still such an upside. With him, he still has so much room to improve and still will improve, and that’s our gauge.”

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