Man spends $25,000 of 20th Century Fox's money on Philippines relief

Movie studios often outsource to filmmakers and viral video experts to help promote their latest releases.

A 32-year-old filmmaker named Casey Neistat decided to take the entire budget he was given to promote an upcoming film from 20th Century Fox to make a difference overseas. 

Neistat was offered $25,000 by the film studio to make a promotional video for "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," a movie starring Ben Stiller based on a famous short story from the 1930s.

"[Fox] wanted me to make a movie about chasing a dream," Neistat said on YouTube. "I am a big dreamer but at that time only one thing came to mind."

That thing was to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines in early November.

After presenting the idea to Fox, the studio agreed and Neistat was in the Philippines in the matter of days.

Accompanied by only his best friend, Neistat bought food and other relief supplies to hand out to citizens of Tacloban, one of the major cities leveled by the storm.

By doing so, Neistat lived out his dream. Here's the full video.



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