Lego unveils first "mini-fig" female scientist

Lego recently introduced a new series of mini-figures and one is a female scientist, a first for the company famous for its plastic building bricks and kits. Some hope the tiny plastic scientist will help girls see the hard sciences (Professor C. Bodin looks to be a chemist) as a career option for them, not just the men who dominate those fields.

That may be a stretch, but the little figure has been welcomed by many who are happy to see the popular toy line showcase more career options for women.

The Lego company was hotly criticized last year when it introduced a new line of building kits meant to appeal to girls. The Lego Friends sets, critics said, featured too much pink and purple and too many girly stereotypes, with a focus on decorating and beauty.

The scientist mini-fig is "brilliant," according to her Lego bio, and eager to find "new and interesting ways to combine thigns together." She holds two Erlenmeyer flasks.



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