Lake Bell topless on May cover of Esquire

Actress, writer and director Lake Bell is the latest celebrity to go topless for a major magazine within the last month. 

Bell, 35, appears on the cover of Esquire's May 2014 edition, the "Next Big Thing" issue. She is shown wearing only sheer tights with strategically placed arms around her topless chest. 

Bell -- known for roles in films like "What Happens in Vegas," "No Strings Attatched," and "In a World...," along with being the director of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim comedy "Children's Hospital" -- also appears inside Esquire's latest issue, wearing an unbuttoned black shirt with noting underneath. 

This isn't the first time Bell has shed her clothes for a magazine. For the Aug. 19-26 2013 cover of New York Magazine, Bell posed completely nude except for a gray rose design body painting.     

Bell is the latest celebrity to bare it all on a magazine cover. 

To promote the HBO comedy "Veep", Julia Louis-Dreyfus posed nude with the constitution tattooed on her back for the April 24 cover of Rolling Stone. 

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