If you're famous and linked to Florida, does that make you a "Great Floridian?"

Orlando Sentinel Columnist

Last week I lamented that former Gator football coach Steve Spurrier was left off the rapidly growing list of "Great Floridians."

I used Spurrier (and former Gator great Danny Wuerffel) to illustrate a point about just how arbitrary the list had become under Gov. Rick Scott, who has named more "Great Floridians" than either of the two previous governors.

Scott's choices -- technically the choices of Scott appointee Secretary of State Ken Detzner, though Scott gets the photo op -- seem more geared toward the rich and famous rather than a discerning view about who has really contributed to our great state.

What was Scott's answer to all of this? Name even more "Great Floridians," of course.

And, yes, when the annoucement came earlier this week, this time he included Spurrier.

And golf Bubba Watson. Seriously. And Don Shula, the steakhouse guy who also used to coach the Miami Dolphins.

It's official. The the list of "Great Floridians" has turned into an excuse for Scott to flatter rich folks who might be interested in contributing to his reelection campaign.

OK, so maybe that's not official. But it's sure what it looks like.

Scott named a class of 23 "Great Floridians" and you can see the whole list for yourself here.

So much for Detzner's recommendation last year that fewer nominations be made so that the list will hold onto its meaning.

Or maybe there are one or two standards left. Scott did not take me up on my recommendation to include Carrot Top.

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