Hugh Jackman tweets Wolverine latte art

Hugh Jackman tweeted a photo Monday showing a perfectly crafted latte with a Wolverine likeness drawn in the foam.

A photo that epic is essentially meant for sharing, so it's no surprise the image landed on the front page of the social news sharing site Reddit with more than 47,000 upvotes.

But even with Jackman's tweet and the hundreds of comments on Reddit, it's still unclear what talented barista crafted the coffee creation.

Jackman did tweet the photo to Laughing Man Coffee & Tea -- a small coffee chain in New York that he co-founded -- so it's likely a barista at one of those three shops is responsible for it.

Lucky for us, the web is full of sites dedicated to sharing the most decadent brews, so we've gathered some of the best latte art photos and posted them in the gallery above. Our mobile readers can click here to enjoy the pictures.

Many of these artists are located in New York or Japan, but if you're looking to find latte art locally, you can check out Barnie's Coffe Kitchen in Winter Park, Vespr in Waterford Lakes or Sleeping Moon Cafe in Winter Park.

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