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Happy birthday dead Elvis and Nixon, you would have been 79 and 101

Elvis Presley was born Jan. 8, 1935 and Richard Nixon on Jan. 9, 1913. That would have made Elvis 79 today, and Nixon would have been 101 tomorrow.

Well they're both dead of course, or are they? Well if you believe the liberal media, Elvis died Aug. 16, 1977 and Nixon died April 22, 1994.

Hunter Thompson, also dead, used to like to say Nixon's death was just a rumor, and Elvis...well Elvis is the Bigfoot of the celebrity world.

There's a photo of the two shaking hands in the White House from 1970 that has a special place in my journalistic heart. It was the placeholder image on newspaper layouts for years at the Orlando Sentinel. Nixon and Elvis from page to page.

Now I'm an Elvis fan, and strangely enough it's a bad 80s movie with Mr. T and Max Gail from "Barney Miller" called "D.C. Cab" that always makes me remember it. A young, but still scary looking Gary Busey declares he "won't work on January the eight. Cuz that's Elvis' birthday."

He then proceeds to do a little Elvis dance on the hood of a cab.

My favorite Nixon memory isn't of Nixon at all, but of an animated Nixon in "The Simpsons" Treehouse of Horrors IV in which he's a member of the the Devil Ned Flanders' Jury of the Damned along with Lizzy Borden, Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard the Pirate, John Dillinger, and the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.

The episode that aired in 1993 features Nixon saying

"But I'm not dead yet. In fact, I just wrote an article for Redbook."

Flanders replies, "Hey listen, I did a favor for you!"

To which Nixon says, "Yes, Master."

Of course, we like to celebrate life around here, so it's yet another opportunity to point out those celebrities who are still alive:

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